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Imagine no possessions.

I wonder if you can.

Chas Kramer
18 February
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chas kramer

On finally tasting the cruel realities of his idol John Constantine’s world, and having his fantasies shattered, Chas Kramer, now twenty years old, quietly turned away from the exorcist life he was so ready to embrace and has for the past two years been focusing on getting his life back on track. He’s sold his cab, ditched the hat, tried (and failed) to grow a beard, and in between days of college essays and nights of firmly shutting out his past, is slowly starting to move on from his broken dream.

This is a RP journal for sixwordstories; Chas Kramer is a character from the 2005 movie Constantine, and as such, I am not him, nor am I Shia LaBoeuf. I also do not own Constantine, just so that’s clear too.

other RPs: the_chas_man, an eighteen-year-old Chas prior to / during / immediately after the events of the film.

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